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Siti internet statici

These are websites that can be created very quickly. While they do not permit the client to modify text and images autonomously, they allow greater scope for customization in some respects, for example, animated features that can be triggered by specific actions on the part of the visitor. The static site is the ideal solution for those seeking access to the Internet at an affordable price, while guaranteeing greater visibility for their commercial activities.

Static websites also include "business cards", consisting of a single page with your company logo and contact details, hosted at a domain name dedicated to your business.

Dynamic web sites

Perfect for those who want full control over all the content on the Web site. Dynamic sites give you total control over texts and images, and include sections that can be created specifically for features such as news, photo albums, event calendars .. and much, much more! All changes are managed though an archive with an active backup service, in order to protect your content and avoid wasting precious time by having to repeat work that you have already done.

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